Alix Lapri


Birthday:November 06, 1996
Birthplace: in Kansas
Claim to Fame:Actress, model, and singer who starred in DJ Caruso's Standing Up and landed a recurring role in BET's Reed Between the Lines.

Meanings of Name Alix

The name Alix was originated from Greek. It is used as both mail and female names. The name Alix is of the meaning of Defending men. The name Alix is used in French speaking countries. Alix is mainly used in France, both for males and females, although nowadays it is mainly a girl's name.

Some linguists have tried to link Alix to Alice. Others see it as a diminutive form of Alexander, Alexandra or Alixandra.
The name Alix was found on a Christian funeral inscription of the 6th century, at a time when Christians of Germanic origin were rarer than Christians of Greek and Latin origins. This second suggestion thus seems more likely.

"The Adventures of Alix" is a popular French comic book series. The stories revolve around a Gaulish boy called Alix who lives in Roman times..

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